Young Person Support into Adulthood Age 18 to 24
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Young Person Support into Adulthood Age 18 to 24

Young Person Support into Adulthood Age 18 to 24

Our supported living services enable persons with a variety of needs live freely and safely in their communities. Individuals with autism, brain injuries, other complex learning difficulties, forensic needs, mental health needs, and those who present with potentially challenging behaviors are all included.


Depending on the needs of the individual, this support varies from a few hours a day to 24-hour support for people with complex needs.

Some of those living in their own home share support, while others have individual support. With supported living, people have greater choice over many aspects of their lives.

With supported living, the people we support:

Usually choose who lives with them, who comes into their house, and who supports them

Have more security of residence

We help with pay bills and buy their own food and other items

We support them to be good tenants

Choose whether to shop and cook on their own, or as a group