Supported Living
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Supported Living

Supported Living

“Most people we support live in their own home, it is also known as supported living.
In the supported living, you can help to choose who supports you and who you live with.”

Our support for you,

M Care 24 works hard to support people with other needs as well as a learning disability to do things they enjoy.

At M care 24, we help the citizens we support to choose who they want to work with them. We make sure the staff teams who support you match your needs and interests We want everyone to have support that is right for them.


We give some people lots of support every day and at night. Other people are supported for only a few hours a week while some of our clients are in our supported living accommodation.

Every person we support has the right to expect excellent standards of support.

We are committed to providing you with a skilled and flexible support team.

We understand that every individual we support is unique and our support teams reflect this.

Individual care pathway

Promote choice

Support with benefits, bills, debt, banking, and budgeting in general

Daily living skills such as shopping and housework


Maintaining your home and tenancy

Promote healthy eating and nutrition

Employment, training, and further education

Emotional and psychological support

Religious and cultural activities

Support with family and friends’ Relationships


We think that everyone has the freedom to live their own life. People can live happy and fulfilling lives in their own homes, with their own tenancies, thanks to our specialised assistance.

In this kind of support, the people we support may be tenants or property owners.