Our Services
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Our Services

We are at your Service


Domiciliary Care

Mcare24 Limited provides home care to the elderly, adults over 18 with learning disabilities. Mcare24 provide domestic assistant, washing and dressing, preparing meals, shopping trips, companionship, sitting in, and medication assistant.

Mcare24 assist elderly people and young people with physical disability, mental health and learning difficulties.We also give citizens the opportunity to get the support they need. Our skilled staff will assist them to live independently in their own home. We support individuals on one to one care bases, waking night and sleeping night in their home.

Live in Care

Mcare24  provides round-the-clock care to people in their own home at a price that is competitive to many  home care providers throughout the country. Our care workers help enable individuals to live independently in a familiar environment for longer.

Mcare24 understands that by providing specialist person-centered.  Each care package is bespoke and tailored to your unique requirements and reviews are undertaken as in when your care needs changes.


Complex Care and Palliative Care

Mcare24 support individuals in their home we Mcare24 complex care needs. We provide these services through Continuing health care NHS England. Some of our service users are require end of life care with complex needs. All our support workers complete the nationally recognised ‘Common Induction Standards called The new Care Certificate. In addition to this Mcare24 has a range of training programmes for specific conditions including; management catheter, incontinence, peg feed, Oxygen, suctioning machine, and medical devices,  dementia and Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and stroke recovery, challenging behavior and mental health.


Dementia Care

Mcare24 provide a dementia friendly service to dementia patients  giving them quality of life. People with dementia might have problems retaining new information. They might get lost in previously familiar places and may struggle with names and relatives might notice the person seems increasingly forgetful. we provide our friend service dementia package. Our dementia specialist carers who are “Dementia friends” and passionate in this aspect of care.


Supported living and Respite Care

Mcare24 provide accommodation for adult age 18 and over with short breaks or long term accommodation with support. We have trained staff as required, to ensure they give individual’s privacy and dignity are respected. We deliver high standard care meeting all the activities of daily living for individuals with learning disabilities and mental health conditions.