About The Company
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About The Company

MCare24 stands for “My Care 24 Hours”

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About MCare24 Limited

Mcare24 Limited was founded by Petronila Ngeka, she has worked in health and social care now for 17 years. She studied in Cambridge at the Anglia Ruskin university, she had graduated with an higher diploma in adult nursing.
An remarkable individual. She also earned diploma in business management. She was Awarded winning author and Expert in dyslexia in 2020.Winning author on the authorities “dyslexia with success” and Awarded winning Business Woman 2016.
She practiced at the best cardiac hospital in Europe Papworth as an intensive care nurse, She then moved to the heart of England hospital Birmingham. She decided to make a difference in the community caring and compassionate for people within learning needs, replicating the high quality care in ICU. She is neurodiverse with attention to detail in the care and support delivered in community. In 2015 she started domiciliary and supported living service. She works alongside adults with disabilities such as dyslexia and autism, and with her experience she has managed multiple clients throughout the years with her team.

Our CQC Approved Service Group

Dementia and mental health conditions

Learning Disabilities

Personal Care

Sensory Impairments

Caring for adults Under & Over 65 yrs

Mcare24’s Values


We will take pride in our conduct and protecting confidentiality.

Valuing People

We show respect to others and promote inclusiveness, tolerance and diversity as well as the support of learning and development in ourselves and others.


We are passionately committed to ensuring the best possible care for our clients, ensuring that our staff are well trained to the highest of standards. Deliver evidence based care under the health social care Act 2008, Care Act and Heath and social care Act 2014.


We aim to take full personal responsibility for all our actions and omissions and we encourage feedback from our clients and welcome all comments so as to enable us to deliver a better and more efficient service to our clients.


We aim to work as a team, incorporating efficient communication skills amongst team members, as well as liaising with multi disciplinary team members to ensure that the highest possible care is given to our clients at all times to enable positive outcomes.


Mcare24 will act openly honestly and deliver what we promise in line with the care Act 2014, promoting trust in our services and our staff to uphold the 6C

  • Care
  • Compassion
  • Competence
  • Communication
  • Courage
  • Commitment